The alps are since more times well-known for the large number of most diverse and most beautiful minerals. The various kinds of rock, which are to be found here, make also today still good finds possible. In a few showcases one can examine some minerals, this one in our region to find gets. Also a few helpful pieces of advice can you then also on the search for the treasures of the alpine region make yourselves.

Bergkristall / Gastein (Kristall ca. 8cm )


Periklin / Hocharn ( ca. 10cm )


Bergkristall auf Adular / Gastein ( ca. 20cm )


Zepter –Bergkristalle / Reißeck ( Kristalle bis 3cm )


Adular mit Bergkristall / Gastein ( ca. 12cm )


Zepter –Bergkristalle / Reißeck ( Kristalle bis 3cm )

Calcit / Gastein ( ca. 15cm )


Auqamarin / Romatenspitz ( Kristall ca. 1cm )


Amethyst / Mörchnerkar ( ca. 8cm )


Bergkristallgruppe / Gastein ( ca. 25 cm )


Stilbit mit Sphen und Adular / Reißeck ( Stilbit ca. 2cm )